Swimwear  and Underwear Sewing – Béni Hassen – Tunisia

We are a Company totally exporting and based in Beni Hassen-Monastir which is specialized in clothing swimwear, sportswear and underwear. We are highly positioned in terms of quality and reactivity.Our Company has an extensive international experience in particular with the Europeen market. The expertise and reliability in working collaboratively with our Customers guides our daily work. Thanks to modern development tools, to trained employees and quality assurance, we guarantee a high level of work. We are targeting a wider market penetration and we are considering new technologies in order to satisfy the requirement of our futur Customers.

Our company is certified SA 8000 version 2014 / Rina  Certicate N° SA -1080    28 th of  October 2016 

Forum Groupe inform that it surpassed with succes the Surveillance Audit   25 th of  November  2017.

Forum Groupe has obtained the Audit of Supervisory SA8000-2008 R.I.N.A Certification on 22th,2015: Result COMPLIANT
Forum Groupe has obtained  for the fourth time succuessive Audit Monitoring SA8000-2008 by R.I.N.A Tunisia and obtains R.I.N.A Certificate successfully in September 2015.
Forum Groupe pass to the fifth successive Audit Monitoring SA8000-2008 by R.I.N.A Tunisia and gets R.I.N.A Certificate successfully in April 2016.
Forum Groupe inform, that as the first in Tunisia, has obtained the Certification SA8000-2014 in the new Version 2014   28 th of October 2016 by R.I.N.A Tunisia.
Forum Groupe inform that it surpassed with succes the Surveillance Audit   29 th of  May 2017.

Production Capacity: 20,000 per week Pce average

Area: 3200 mt2.

Park Equipment: Our company is equipped with modern equipment. Lectra vector 5000 and Prospin machine for prototipy.

Forum Groupe is also making new investments in collaboration with the Mise a Niveau and Tasdir.

Forum Groupe  as the first Company in Tunisia  be certified  SA8000- Version 2014  put at your disposal the Documents of Social Action below.

For all suggestions or information    regarding the standard SA8000 please contact the Social Performance Team at the following address: spt@forumgroupe.com.tn

Here is a list of recommended sites:

www.alma-fashion.it /www.tunisieindustrie.nat.tn /www.ctici.org.tnwww.aiit.tn/www.saasaccreditation.org/www.rina.comwww.maredimoda.com/ www.lectra.com/