September: back in full swing

The return from summer holidays already seems like a distant memory. We are in September already: work is back in full swing and we have already successfully passed the audit for GRS and SA8000 certifications. In particular, we are very proud of the latter, as it is a globally recognised standard for ensuring optimal working conditions, recognising commitment to sustainable development and keeping a high focus on social issues.

As much as EUR 100,000 was invested to ensure that Forum Groupe upgraded safety levels, especially for the fire protection system (which became necessary due to the increase in production capacity), but also in training for a better staff preparation and in social actions in line with the GRS and SA8000 certifications. We remember in particular the very welcomed initiative of canvas bags distributed in the city of Beni Hassen together with meetings in schools and youth associations, and we are certain that, despite of its simplicity, it will bring positive results in the future and for the new generations.

We therefore continue to invest in Tunisia: confident that this country deserves this continuity of action. We rely on our staff, which year after year have been increasing their skills. We look ahead with courage and continue on the path we have taken.

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