Presentation of our company

We are a fully exporting company based in Beni Hassen- Monastir specialised in the manufacture of swimwear and sportswear. We are well positioned in terms of quality and responsiveness. Our company has a great experience of international, especially with the European market. Technical skills and reliability in working with our Clients guide our daily work. Thanks to modern development tools, employee training and quality assurance, we guarantee a high level of work. We aim for a wide market penetration and we are also considering new technologies to meet the requirements of our future Customers.



Alma Fashion and Forum Groupe are fully operational!

After the summer break, Alma Fashion and Forum Groupe are fully operational again and are working hard to fulfill all the new and many SS22 orders!

The 75-years of bikini

2021 is the year when the 75-years of bikini are celebrated, which, despite its age, is still well on the rise. Today, it is a clothing item of common use, accepted in all its forms and colors; but the bikini, when it was born in ‘40, created a scandal because it was considered by most […]

Ramadan and business continuity

Forum Groupe: Respect for Ramadan tradition but at the same timeensuring continuity of work!  For the past 30 years, every year, in Forum Groupe, the holy month of Ramadan has been respected and honored. Ramadan is the name of the ninth month of the year in the Muslim lunar calendar and means “hot month”. Every year, the date is never the same […]

Forum Groupe & Alma Fashion never stopped despite Covid 19!

We have always been working for our customers, despite the pandemic, implementing all the health and prevention procedures  in Forum Groupe and Alma Fashion to ensure the safety and health of its workers!

ALMA FASHION & FORUM GROUPE for your next summer collection!

Alma Fashion & Forum Groupe are working on the new collections with our client design offices elaborating the last trends proposed by Mare di Moda for the summer 2022! Contact us for more details and to realise with us your next summer collection!

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