Presentation of our company

We are a fully exporting company based in Beni Hassen- Monastir specialised in the manufacture of swimwear and sportswear. We are well positioned in terms of quality and responsiveness. Our company has a great experience of international, especially with the European market. Technical skills and reliability in working with our Clients guide our daily work. Thanks to modern development tools, employee training and quality assurance, we guarantee a high level of work. We aim for a wide market penetration and we are also considering new technologies to meet the requirements of our future Customers.



Eco-Sustainable Production of Swimwear and Sportswear

The upcoming Summer 2025 collections will see the pinnacle of swimwear production focused on sustainability. Alma Fashion and Forum Groupe, leaders in third-party production and custom swimwear supply, are committed to following the most eco-friendly trends. By using innovative recycled fabrics, from renewable plastic to organic fibers and wood, we are at the forefront of the sportswear […]

Eco-Sustainable Production of Swimwear and Sportswear

Alma Fashion and Forum Gropue, at the forefront of swimwear and accessory production for renowned high-fashion brands, are thrilled to announce a revolutionary innovation for 2025: menstrual swimwear. Aligned with the philosophy of reusability, these innovative swimwear pieces are designed to: Absorb and retain, offering maximum security and freedom of movement. This allows women to feel completely […]

Spring/Summer 2025 Trends: five themes that will define next season’s fashion

The fashion horizon widens once again, bringing with it a series of bold and compelling trends for Spring/Summer 2025. With a fascinating blend of futurism, nostalgia and experimentation, these trends promise to transform the summer wardrobe with innovative and bold styles. Let’s explore the five main themes that will define next season’s fashion, presented at […]

Our best wishes and a small gift from Alma Fashion and Forum Groupe

2023 was an important year for Forum Groupe, which celebrated 25 years of presence in Tunisia, in Beni Hassen. A ‘quarter of a century’ that has seen the company change, grow and overcome countless challenges. Teamwork with employees, collaborators and customers has made it possible to overcome difficult and unthinkable moments, first and foremost the […]

September: back in full swing

The return from summer holidays already seems like a distant memory. We are in September already: work is back in full swing and we have already successfully passed the audit for GRS and SA8000 certifications. In particular, we are very proud of the latter, as it is a globally recognised standard for ensuring optimal working […]

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