Our best wishes and a small gift from Alma Fashion and Forum Groupe

2023 was an important year for Forum Groupe, which celebrated 25 years of presence in Tunisia, in Beni Hassen. A ‘quarter of a century’ that has seen the company change, grow and overcome countless challenges. Teamwork with employees, collaborators and customers has made it possible to overcome difficult and unthinkable moments, first and foremost the pandemic.

For 25 years, Forum Groupe has been working in synergy with Alma Fashion in the development of styles and production of swimwear, competition, fitness and cycling clothing, both for men, women and children.

In wishing you happy holidays and a good rest, as well as a happy year, we would like to take this opportunity to leave you with a small gift: the 2024 calendar of Alma Fashion and Forum Groupe, celebrating its 25th anniversary. Thanks again to all those who have been by our side in these years and thanks to those who will be there in the coming years!

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